Exhibits  •  43rd Exhibitor Comments


"This was ArchPro's first DAC and it did not disappoint!  Besides
meeting with customers and making many new contacts, it provides
a fantastic opportunity to see so many old friends and colleagues;
there's nothing like it on the EDA calendar."

Pratap Reddy
Chairman and CEO
ArchPro Design Automation Inc.

"It was a very strong DAC for Bluespec.  We had a record number of visitors, which proved to us that DAC's return to San Francisco was relevant.  In fact, it was terrific that DAC was back in the center of Silicon Valley."

George Harper
Vice President of Marketing
Bluespec, Inc.

"For getting us in front of the design community, DAC meets Brion Technologies' marketing objectives.  Over the four days the exhibits were open, we met existing and potential customers, partners and other vendors.  Our luncheon event was well attended and will help ensure ongoing discussions."

Jim Wiley
Senior Technical Director
Brion Technologies

"We are seeing a dramatic increase in ESL adoption, and the full attendance in our suites at DAC with new customers is a clear example.  DAC is without comparison a key forum for our customers, partners and press to meet with us face-to-face."

Tom Sandoval
Chief Executive Officer
Calypto Design Systems, Inc.

"Catalytic Inc. was a first-time DAC exhibitor and it proved to be a great venue for us to meet key prospects, partners and distributors in one location in a short period of time. DAC was very productive for us."

Larry Melling
Vice President of Marketing
Catalytic Inc.

"2006 was a banner year for DAC.  It provided further validation for us in the growing need among the design community for early chip estimation and planning tools.  Because of the strong turn out of stellar design teams, we found the show to be the most successful for us yet."

Adam Traidman
Chip Estimate Corp.

"DAC 2006 demonstrated again that it is the 'not to be missed' event in the calendar for the whole EDA industry.   The EDA ecosystem needs the active co-operation of the broadest range of suppliers, customers and researchers.   DAC singularly provides that environment.   Our DAC Solutions Workshop series were again a great success."

Robert Hurley
Chief Executive Officer

"We had non-stop traffic at the EVE booth this year.  Our booth location, our entertaining demonstrations and giveaway along with the SF locale all contributed to this phenomenon.  DAC is a yearly must attend for EDA companies such as EVE."

Dino Caporossi
Vice President of Corporate Marketing

"DAC is the one yearly event that gets the whole industry together in one place.   Since most start-ups can't be everywhere geographically, DAC is especially important for our customers, who are among the most advanced shoppers of EDA software and need to see the latest innovations.  And this year, it took on a welcome air of optimism in San Francisco, where attendance hit the highest level since 2001.  Jasper Design Automation was especially pleased with the quality of meetings we had and the strong interest by attendees for our recently introduced JasperGold System 4.2 and GamePlan Verification Planner."

Craig Cochran
Vice President of Marketing
Jasper Design Automation, Inc.

"In my experience of going to DAC for over 20 years, the 2006 DAC was the best ever.   The show was well managed, the technical tracks were excellent, and the DAC Pavilion was always interesting.  Our demo suite at JEDA was constantly busy with well qualified users.  Senior engineering people from every major company that use SystemC visited our booth.  Our success at DAC exceeded my expectations."

Stephen R. Pollock
Vice President of Marketing and Sales
JEDA Technologies

"As a first time exhibitor at DAC, Lynguent was very pleased with both the number of people who visited our booth and with the qualifications of those visitors.  We saw technical and managerial people from all over the world, many of whom we might never have otherwise met.  Now all we have to do is follow up!"

Andrew Levy
Vice President of Marketing
Lynguent, Inc.

"Having DAC in San Francisco turned out well for Magma; we had a lot of interest in our new Talus implementation system, our FineSim Pro circuit simulator, and our new DFM capabilities integrated in the design flow.  Overall this year's show seemed to have an air of optimism about EDA's direction."

Milan Lazich
Vice President of Corporate Marketing
Magma Design Automation, Inc.

"DAC  2006 was the best in years.   Locating the event in San Francisco was an excellent choice as it allowed a large number of qualified attendees to learn more about our new physical verification tool, Calibre nmDRC. We not only had outstanding demo suite attendance and attended excellent technical sessions, but we also had numerous productive meetings with customers and prospects."

Tony Nicoli
Director of Marketing
Mentor Graphics Corporation

"DAC is very useful for Novas.   As the premier conference in the industry, it serves a vital role by providing a unique opportunity for contact between technologists, vendors, and users."

Scott Sandler
Chief Executive Officer
Novas Software, Inc.

"This was our first showing at DAC.   We felt that the DAC organization offered every opportunity to introduce our company, our technology, and our products to our current and future customers.   This event offered us as well an opportunity to show how we value our customers.   Furthermore, there is nothing more valuable to a company (like ours) where there is a venue at which we are able to offer a direct opportunity to meet the principles behind all that we do. DAC gave us that unique opportunity."

Tom Grebinski
Chief Executive Officer
Oasis Tooling, Inc.

"DAC was quite good for Optimal this year.  We were able to use it as a place to host company meetings, and partner meetings and discussions with customers.  Most important, the amount of leads we collected exceeded our expectations."

Dave DeMaria
Chief Executive Officer
Optimal Corporation

"PLDA is quite pleased with the market exposure DAC gave us this year.   Despite the fact IP is not the central focus of the conference, we had good traffic in the booth, and customer interest in our products was high.   We achieved our tactical lead-generation goals as well as our strategic objective of increasing the market's general awareness of PLDA and its products."

Callan Carpenter
Vice President of Business Development

"The attendance this year was much higher from numbers as well as quality of leads perspective for a growing company like Ponte.   The value of DFM is becoming increasingly clear in our detailed discussions with over 600 visitors to our booth and we are glad that DAC offers a perfect platform for us to demonstrate it."

Nitin Deo
Senior Vice President of Marketing and Business Development
Ponte Solutions, Inc.

"The ESL market segment came into its own this year and DAC provided an ideal setting for ESL vendors.   Leading companies such as Poseidon Design Systems demonstrated its SystemC simulation and acceleration solutions for emerging challenges such as processor-based designs.  San Francisco was the perfect backdrop for the heralding of the ESL Era."

Farzad Zarrinfar
Vice President of Worldwide Sales and Marketing
Poseidon Design Systems, Inc.

"With the launch of our new Unity all-in-one shape based physical design platform for high volume ICs, we set our expectations high for this year's DAC.  And, it did not disappoint.  From the moment the exhibit hall opened Monday morning, we met with designers, partners and the press.  We are pleased by the results gained from exhibiting this year."

Kevin Steptoe
Vice President of Marketing and Business Development
Pulsic Ltd.

"DAC helped QualCore Logic reinforce our brand with existing customers and vendor partners.  Our objective of DAC this year was to see existing customers who dropped by our booth to discuss future projects."

Mahendra Jain
QualCore Logic, Inc.

"This year, as always, DAC was the place for us to reconnect with our key customers and prospects.  In the world of internet communications it is a nice change to have personal meetings.  In these meetings we are able to understand changes in our customers requirements, and were able to present our newest formal verification solutions to meet these challenges."

Rich Faris
Vice President of Marketing and Business Development
Real Intent, Inc.

"Rio Design Automation was a first-time DAC exhibitor in a great location on the show floor.  Attendance was good, but the split exhibits between North and South Halls made logistics a bit difficult; something we anticipated going into San Francisco. Overall, however, being in San Francisco was great."

Joel McGrath
Rio Design Automation Inc.

"DAC:   four free-flowing days of customers, business development opportunities, friends, enemies, M&A options....who doesn't enjoy it, and who isn't also happy at the return to normalcy Monday morning!   For Sequence, it was a great show both in terms of customer interest and partnerships."

Vic Kulkarni
President and CEO
Sequence Design, Inc.

"The 43rd DAC was a very successful event for Si2 this year.   Besides the excellent attendance and technical programs, DAC provides the opportunity to 'take the pulse' of the EDA industry and find out what critical issues need to be addressed by standards organizations such as ours."

Bill Bayer
Director, Marketing Communications and Events
Si2, Inc.

"DAC is at the center of the EDA ecosystem.   This is one annual event where every designer gets to meet all their EDA suppliers, and every EDA vendor gets to meet all their current and future customers.   DAC panels and tutorials continue to be an important forum for discussing and addressing various challenges faced by the design community.   DAC should continue to be the catalyst in growing the EDA eco-system and it has our full support.   For Sierra, DAC has been very effective and productive."

Pravin Madhani
President and CEO
Sierra Design Automation, Inc.

"The increase in DAC attendance was apparent in the activity in the halls. We were delighted not only with the number of attendees who stopped by to paint part of the pictures for our Ballet San Jose fund raising project (some murals are still for sale, by the way), but also with the quality of the attendees."

Paula Jones
Director of Corporate Communications
Tensilica Inc.

"As the industry's premier design conference, DAC 2006 provided Virage Logic with a venue to showcase its integrated solutions for low power, high performance and yield optimized design to a large, qualified audience."

Sabina Burns
Senior Director, Corporate Marketing & Communications
Virage Logic Corp.

"At DAC, Accellera was able to host and support several successful events, including recognition of our Technical Excellence award recipient, an open meeting, breakfast panel discussion and tutorial. DAC again proved to be among the best venues for communicating the benefits of our design standards and getting our messages to influential designers in the electronic design community."
Shrenik Mehta
Accellera Chair

"This was Altos' first DAC as an exhibitor and it delivered exactly what we wanted. Leads, tons of them! There was a very high quality of attendees with many key decision makers. We were able to start a number of new evaluations within days after the show. Having DAC in San Francisco was very convenient and hassle free and we expect a great return from our small investment."
Jim McCanny
Chief Executive Officer
Altos Design Automation

"Invarium is a pioneer in advanced patterning and mask synthesis solutions for 65nm, 45nm nodes and beyond. Conventional OPC is passé and enhanced process corrections and compensation are vital for layout optimization and rapid ramp to yield. We are delighted to participate in DAC as I see increasing confluence of design and wafer fab operations and DAC is striving to make this happen in an aggressive way. This is going to be the mode of the future and special thanks to DAC for facilitating this."
Ram S. Ramanujam, PhD
Senior Vice President, Marketing and Sales
Invarium Inc.

"Liga Systems came out of stealth mode to attend DAC for the first time this year, and we found it to be an excellent venue for demonstrating NitroSIM™, our newly announced Hybrid Simulator that boosts traditional RTL simulation by 10 to 100 Times. We were very pleased with the quality of attendees and their response to our breakthrough solution that gives users the ability to simulate and verify entire systems at high simulation speeds, and yet affordable prices. We look forward to exhibiting again at DAC in 2007."
Henry Verheyen
President and Chief Executive Officer
Liga Systems

"In SpiraTech's experience, DAC has always been our main source of the 'life-giving energy' that every start-up needs to be successful. Every year, we have initiated relationships with multiple major prospects; progressed discussions with existing contacts to the next level and generally come away understanding more about our position in the world of EDA. DAC is by far the most cost-effective means, in terms of both time and money, for any start-up EDA company to meet with its customers, partners and other important industry observers. The 43rd DAC was SpiraTech's best ever."
Simon M. Calder
Chief Executive Officer
SpiraTech Ltd.

"DAC was a very valuable venue for VaST Systems Technology this year with its increased focus on ESL and embedded systems."
Alain Labat
President and Chief Executive Officer
VaST Systems Technology Corporation

"In a world ruled by web searches, emails, and product downloads, it is still worthwhile to meet potential and existing customers face to face. To us, DAC in San Francisico proved its worth again with a variety of new leads and customer meetings."
Michiel Ligthart
Chief Operating Officer
Verific Design Automation

Additional Comments from Exhibitors of 43rd DAC

" We saw a great deal of interest in ESL design and SystemC at DAC this year.   Our very steady booth traffic and the standing-room-only attendance at our lunch event on Wednesday, reflected the ever-increasing demand from the engineering community for more information on these critical topics.   CoWare's Virtual Platform Designer (VPD) family of products was introduced in March 2006.   The Design Automation Conference gave us the opportunity to publicly demonstrate the power of this solution which generates a lot of excitement. John Cooley even named VPD one of the best products at DAC.   Gary Smith also listed CoWare as one of the most important companies to visit at DAC.   Not only did we see increased traffic, but our messages were reaching the right audience.   I think this can be attributed to the traction CoWare has in the ESL Design space and because the San Francisco bay area is home to many of these engineers.   Moving DAC to San Francisco seems to have paid off, especially for CoWare ."

A.K. Kalekos
Vice-President of Marketing and Business Development
CoWare, Inc.

"DAC was an excellent venue for DeFacTo Technologies to meet with select strategic partners and allow them to observe our latest advances, inserting scan at the RT level. Also, we enjoyed the opportunity to meet with companies and expose them to our emerging technology for the first time. Finally, there was more positive energy and booth traffic than observed in recent years. "

James F. Girand
President, U.S. Operations
DeFacTo Technologies

"DAC again showed us how important it is to exhibit and be able to meet with engineers and managers from across the entire globe."

Sandipan Bhanot
President and Chief Executive Officer
Knowlent Corporation