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Contributing Editors: Peggy Aycinena, Geoffrey James, Gary Smith
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Guest Speaker, Peggy Aycinena: Telle Whitney — MRP Award

Guest Speakers, Jim Hogan and Peter Levin: Whole System Design - Abstraction, Security, and Scale

Viewpoint by Naomi Fine, IP at Risk: Protecting Company Jewels

Guest Speaker, John Willoughby: How YouTube Has Helped The EDA Market

DAC News:
User Track: A Unique Angle; New Exhibitors to Showcase Innovations;
DAC Technical Panels 2009:  Expect the Unexpected; 46th DAC to Offer Eight Workshops; Phil Kaufman Award Nominations

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Telle Whitney gets MRP Award, User Track details, Panels, Workshops, and YouTube

DAC is just over five weeks away, and details of the program and other events are crystallizing.  Intensive preparations are afoot all across the industry, and various DAC committees are busily working to organize the largest show in the EDA industry. In the midst of all this, we stop to remember that these are challenging times for many of our colleagues – design engineers and EDA professionals in our industry.  This year, DAC has created a special program that offers Engineering/Alumni Scholarships to those who are currently between jobs. 

This year’s DAC features a number of exciting events, prominent among which is the all-new User Track. Designed specifically for the working designers, it will offer more than 80 papers covering many aspects of IC design.  Soha Hassoun from Tufts University, and this year Design Community Chair, has outlined many aspects of this program in her article, User Track: A Unique Angle.  I daresay all practicing design engineers and most EDA professionals will find new stomping grounds at DAC as they attend the technical sessions in this track.

This issue features an interview with Telle Whitney, President and CEO of the Anita Borg Institute for Women and Technology, who has been selected to receive the 2009 Marie R. Pistilli Award for outstanding leadership in promoting the role of women in electronic design automation.  Read Peggy Aycinena’s article (Telle Whitney — MRP Award) to know more about her career and her service to our industry.  The award will be presented during the Workshop for Women in Design Automation, to be held on Monday, July 27 between 9:00am and 1:45pm.  The title of the workshop: “Career Crossroads — Who has the Map?” provides another reason to attend the event.

New exhibitors have always been a primary reason to attend the DAC Exhibits.  This year we will have around 30 new companies and organizations exhibiting for the first time. You can have a preview of who they are and what their focus is by reading the article, New Exhibitors to Showcase Innovations.  In the article you will also find links to the websites of the companies.

Regular session panels are an integral part of DAC, and have always enjoyed large audiences.  This year will be no different, judging by the titles of the panels interspersed within the Technical Program.  The article by Greg Spirakis, this year's Panel Chair, outlines a selection of these panels, and demonstrates the diversity of subjects to be discussed by the panels.  Read the details in DAC Technical Panels 2009:  Expect the Unexpected.

As with the regular panels, the Pavilion Panels cover a number of diverse topics that are of interest to design engineers.  One in particular is the topic of an article by Jim Hogan and Peter Levin with the title: Whole System Design - Abstraction, Security, and Scale.  Jim will moderate the panel to be held on Monday July 27th at 1pm.

The growth of our industry has required us to pay attention to issues outside the technical hurdles we face, and in most cases, have become proficient at solving.  Legal issues of IP protections have been of interest for a few years.  DAC sponsor EDA Consortium (EDAC), for example, has a committee devoted to the protection of products licenses, but the issue is wider than just tools.  Naomi Fine, President and CEO of Pro-Tec Data, covers the issue in her Viewpoint aptly titled IP at Risk: Protecting Company Jewels.

The first decade of the 21st century has brought about a revolution in the way we communicate.  In our profession, this has led to the emergence of community-based marketing.  Social media are everywhere: what with Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube, one has hardly any time to work anymore!  It is interesting that the personal computer has isolated most workers to their own cubicle or workstation, only to allow the development of new ways of building networks, clutches, and (why not?) gossip rings.  Communication, either relevant or trivial, flows as waves of high tide through the “series of tubes” of the internet, to borrow a phrase from political terminology.  John Willoughby of Center Marketing talks about new marketing techniques that could allow a company to showcase its products at a fraction of the cost needed just a couple of years ago.  Read the details in How YouTube Has Helped The EDA Market.

This issue is rounded off by an article describing the eight workshops available during this year's conference.  I could not state the goal of the workshops better than Andrew B. Kahng, General Chair, 46th DAC Executive Committee: “We hope that this year’s workshop lineup will provide high value to attendees and successfully continue the trend of expanding DAC beyond what can fit into the technical sessions, panel sessions and tutorials.”  Find details about the workshop in the article: 46th Design Automation Conference to Offer Eight Workshops.

I have one last reminder. Nominations are open for the Phil Kaufman Award.
The article Final Call for Nominations for the EDA Industry's Annual Phil Kaufman Award will give you the details and the link to the nomination form.

As usual, please send comments and suggestions to me at gmoretti@gabeoneda.com.


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