Contributing Editors: Peggy Aycinena, Geoffrey James, Gary Smith, Ed Sperling
Editor-in-Chief: Gabe Moretti

July 26 - 31, 2009, The Moscone Center, San Francisco, Calif.

vol.4 / issue 1  September 16, 2008




Peggy Aycinena: Andrew Kahng – Citizenship Defined
Guest Speaker, Sunil Ashtaputre: Algorithmic Synthesis: The “Killer App” For Broad ESL Deployment
Viewpoint by Mike Meredith: ESL Synthesis Innovation:  The Importance of Choosing the Right Technology
Gabe Moretti: High Level Synthesis Tools
at DAC
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46th DAC, July 26-31, 2009





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Welcome to the September Issue

By Gabe Moretti, Editor

As work specific to the 46th DAC begins in earnest, the DACeZine makes its return.  We have at least thirteen issues planned between now and the end of July.  DAC this year will be held in San Francisco, one of the most coveted conference locations in the world.  Those of you that have experience with the San Francisco weather know how cold it can be in June: well never fear!  The 2009 DAC will be held at the end of July, giving many attendees, especially those outside of the United States, the perfect opportunity to combine work with vacation.  California, as well as the rest of the United States, offers so many attractions of various types: touring this country at least once in a life time is a must.  Alright, so now you know I once owned two travel agencies…

Peggy Aycinena, a frequent contributor to DACeZine, has interviewed Andrew Kahng, General Chair of the upcoming conference.  The interview will be published in two parts.  In the first part, Andrew offers a set of observations and suggestions that can be taken as guidelines for good citizenship in your chosen profession.  Read the article here.


This issue has a special focus on High Level Synthesis, one of the key ingredients in the growth of the ESL market.  This issue offers a contributed article from Synfora that discusses the history and the potential of this application area, as well as a review of companies that exhibited at the 45th DAC in June and that are mentioned by Gary Smith in his EDA Wallcharts as offering HLS tools.  The vitality of this sector is further highlighted by Mike Meredith in his viewpoint article.

Clicking here, you will also find an article that gives you specific information on how you can contribute to the program of the 46th DAC.  You will find deadlines, guidelines, and other useful information to aid in developing the material you are planning to submit.

I am always looking for contributed technical articles, viewpoints, and comments on our articles.  So do not be shy.  I welcome your contributions at: Gabe Moretti.


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