Badge Policy

CONFERENCE REGISTRATION: Attendees may register for "Full-Conference" or "One/Two-Day Only". In addition to access to the technical sessions on their respective days, "Full-Conference" and "One/Two-Day Only" registration types allow access to the exhibits Monday, July 27 through Thursday, July 30. For students, a special student rate applies to individuals who are members of IEEE or ACM and are currently enrolled in school.

EXHIBITS ONLY: This entitles the registrant to a badge valid for exhibits entry Monday through Thursday, the keynotes on Monday and Tuesday and the panels on Wednesday and Thursday.

INVITED GUEST PASSES: Invited Guest Passes will be provided in the exhibitor packet you receive at DAC. These passes are issued for your use to bring visitors to your exhibit booth for particular demos and allow after-hours access for your customers to your exhibit booth. They are valid Monday, 9:00am - 7:00pm, Tuesday - Wednesday, 8:00am - 7:00pm, and Thursday, 8:00am - 1:00pm. Quantities per exhibitor are .7 visitor passes per 100 sq. ft. of exhibit space reserved. The MINIMUM number of passes is 5; the MAXIMUM issued to any exhibitor is 20.

EXHIBITOR BOOTH STAFF BADGES: Submission of your exhibitor booth staff badges is done online. Companies have no limit to the number of staff badges. Badges will NOT be mailed but can be picked up INDIVIDUALLY by presenting ID. Exhibitor booth staff badges allow access to the exhibit halls - the badge does not allow access to the technical sessions.

All types of registrations may be done in advance and on-site. Among these entrance options, we are certain attendees will find a registration type to suit their needs.