DAC Tutorials and Continuing Education Credits

Earn Continuing Education Credit towards Professional Certification while attending the 46th DAC Tutorials!

Attendees who particpate in the 46th DAC Tutorials can earn university Continuing Education Credits (CEU) through two universities. 

  • University of California Extension, Santa Cruz
  • University of California Extensions, San Diego

 This educational partnership benefits the event attendees by offering current and future career educational opportunities.

What are the benefits of continuing education units and the certificate?

  • Acquire marketable skills in the field of VLSI and Design Automation
  • Stay current on new technology development and training opportunities
  • Demonstrate your commitment to professional development
  • Help justify DAC Tutorial attendance to your employer

University of California, Santa Cruz
For more information or to register for credit visit:
If you have questions about this CEU program:
Email: program@ucsc-extension.edu
Phone: (408) 861-3700

University of California, San Diego
For more information visit http://extension.ucsd.edu/icdesign
If you have questions about this CEU program
Email: Tony Babaian at tbabaian@ucsd.edu