Exhibitor Services

The service providers listed below are identified as "official", "exclusive" and "recommended" contractors. Those marked "official" have been named by DAC as the main supplier of that service and in some cases are exclusive, i.e. electrical and material handling. The "exclusive" providers are those that DAC participants are required to use because of agreements within the convention center and no other service provider is allowed to serve that function. "Recommended" contractors are those that we suggest you use, but are not required.

You may have received calls, faxes and/or emails from other contractors not listed below. Note: they are NOT recommended by DAC. The official and recommended service contractors were selected for their ability to deliver quality services at competitive rates. You may order exhibitor services online, by fax or by mail using the links below.

Questions? Contact the DAC exhibits department at +1 303-530-4333.

Catering (Exclusive)
Aramark Catering
Discount Deadline Date is May 21

Telecommunications (Exclusive)

General Services Contractor (Official)
GES Exposition Services
Discount Deadline Date is May 20

Audio/Visual Equipment (Recommended)
Freeman Audio Visual
Discount Deadline Date is May 28

Computer Rental (Recommended)
SmartSource Rentals
Password: dac2010

Lead Retrieval (Recommended)
ITN International
Show Code: DAC10

Photography (Recommended)
Convention Photo by Joe Orlando, Inc.

Plant Rental (Recommended)
Convention Plant Rental

Business Services (Recommended)
World Trade Business Center

Security (Recommended)
Anaheim Convention Center
Discount Deadline Date is May 28

Talent (Recommended)

Exhibitor Appointed Contractor (EAC) Form
Wristbands may be picked up at the loading dock, west side of the Anaheim Convention Center. This is the only location to obtain a contractor badge.  Labor must have a union ID or work order and must be assigned to an approved EAC.