Security Recommendations

Show Management will provide access control personnel in the exhibit halls during the set-up period, throughout the exhibit, and following the close of the exhibit until the premises are vacated. Neither the Anaheim Convention Center nor The Management are liable or carry insurance on exhibitors' property or fixtures. This is your responsibility.

Your exhibit materials and displays are your property. Therefore, it is of the utmost importance that you take every precaution to protect this material.

Here are a few suggestions:

  1. Ship in locked trunks or crates and sturdy containers.
  2. If cartons are used, be sure that they are securely taped or banded and under no circumstances marked on the outside the name or type of articles contained therein.
  3. Ship with a qualified trucker or forwarder.
  4. All exhibitors should take extra precaution, even during the show, if they have highly sensitive and proprietary information stored on their computers.
  5. Securely fasten all lightweight high-theft-risk items such as laptop computers, cameras, calculators, stereos, etc., to display boards or lock in showcases. Personal items of value should never be left in an unattended exhibit.
  6. Be sure to furnish your shipping company with an accurate account and a complete bill of lading.
  7. Do not leave your booth unattended during set-up or move-out periods.
  8. Cover your display after set-up and each night before you leave.
  9. Do not leave exhibit materials under tables or displays.
  10. Never leave materials in containers to be stored with empties.
  11. At the close of the exhibit, be sure to pack as quickly as possible and do not leave your space unattended during this period.
  12. Have one of your employees remain in your space with your shipment until it is actually picked up by a Material Handling Contractor.
  13. Use black shrink wrap.