A. Richard Newton Graduate Scholarships
to Support Graduate Research and Study

   In honor of the memory of Dr. A. Richard Newton, the 47th Design Automation Conference plans to award scholarships to support graduate research and study in electronic design automation and circuit design.
    These scholarships of approximately $24K are intended to support graduate students of faculty investigators at universities trying to establish new programs in electronic design automation or circuit design and/or graduate students of young faculty investigators (assistant rank, non-tenured) working in electronic design automation or circuit design.
   These scholarships are awarded directly to a university for the faculty investigator to expend in accordance with his or her proposal. The university is free to use the scholarship funds in direct support of one or more of the graduate students named in the proposal, in the manner outlined in the proposal, except that the funds shall not be used to support indirect costs or overhead.
    All applications must be submitted electronically. All submissions should be done through http://www.easychair.org/conferences/?conf=dac10newton. The submission site will open on February 20, 2010. The deadline for all submissions is March 23, 2010. A single PDF should be submitted by the faculty investigator and must include (in this order):
* A brief (3 pages maximum) curriculum vitae of the faculty investigator;
* A brief (2 pages maximum) biography of each student proposed for the scholarship presenting their credentials and outlining their career goals and objectives;
* A brief (5 pages maximum) proposal describing the research to be conducted and the way in which the scholarship funds are to be expended;
* A brief (1 page maximum) statement of the impact of the scholarship on the design program at the faculty investigator's institution;
* A listing of all current and pending support (indicating support provider, support duration, and support dollar amount) for the faculty investigator and each student involved in the proposal;
* An indication of any previous DAC Graduate Scholarship awarded to the faculty investigator.
    Applications will be reviewed by a panel of experts.  Scholarships will be awarded based on the following criteria:
* Quality and applicability of the proposed research;
* Impact of the award on the program at the faculty investigator's institution;
* Academic credentials of the student(s);
* Need (preference will be given to students and programs that can demonstrate financial need).
    The scholarship funds must only be used to support the students and research named in the winning proposals. Because the award decisions are made based on the named students and specified research, no substitutions may be made without express written permission. Without such permission, the scholarship recipient will forfeit the award if the conditions of the research proposed change.
    Scholarships can be awarded in support of new projects or for one renewal of a previous DAC Graduate Scholarship. An application from either the same faculty investigator or student awardee from a previous year is considered a renewal application.
    The faculty investigator must submit a brief report of the year's activities supported by the scholarship for publication in the newsletters of the sponsoring organizations (ACM/SIGDA and/or IEEE-CEDA). This report should be submitted at the conclusion of the year supported.

For further information, please contact Al Dunlop