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FPS6 32-bit floating point processor core
The FPS6 32 bit processor IP core is aimed at high performance embedded system on chip (SoC) applications such as motor control, power control or solar invertors. The FPS6 is optimised for efficient floating point and integer computation. The FPS6 CPU requires up to 40 kgates which is considerably smaller than most other floating point microcontrollers. The core design is optimised for high throughput and is capable of over 400 MHz with 90 nm geometries. FPS6 offers 30.45 MFLOPS (single precision Linpack benchmark) at 333 MHz. The FPS6 can be used in dual- or multi-core configurations or in heterogeneous systems with APS3. The core is supported with an extensive ecosystem including peripherals, bridges, software development tools and real time operating systems. The FPS6 is a natural choice for embedded applications that require good floating point performance. Features: • 32 bit modern RISC architecture • Designed for C/C++ • 16 registers • Up to 256 interrupts with up to 16 priority levels • Up to 40 kgates • 4 GB addressing • 1.67 DMIPS/MHz • 1.93 CoreMarks/MHz • 30.45 MFLOPS (Linpack) @ 333 MHz • Max clock frequency: 400 MHz, 90 nm • Dynamic power: 34.5 µW/MHz, 90 nm • Standard peripherals (timers, counters, I2C, SPI, UART, GPIO, etc) • Ethernet 10/100, USB 2.0 and USB OTG peripherals • Latency free bridge to AHB Lite • Single-, dual- or multi-core systems • Eclipse-based IDE • Ports of FreeRTOS, OpenRTOS, Micrium µC/OS-II and µC Linux Applications: • Motor control • Power supply units • Solar inverters • Multi-core systems • Digital signal processing • Smart grid • Advanced sensing • Industrial control
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