MONDAY June 03, 9:20am - 10:00am | Keynote Booth 1145
Securing the Billions of Devices Around Us
Galen C. Hunt - Microsoft Corporation, Redmond, WA
The next decade promises the democratization of connectivity to every device. Significant drops in the cost of connectivity mean that every form of electrical device—every child’s toy, every household’s appliances, and every DoD sensor—will become connected to the Internet. Tens of billions of these devices are controlled by microcontrollers, a class of device particularly ill-prepared for the security challenges of internet connectivity.  What is required to secure these billions of devices?  And, how can it be done economically enough to apply to every device?

Biography: Dr. Galen Hunt founded and leads the Microsoft team responsible for Azure Sphere. Their mission is to ensure that every IoT device on the planet is secure and trustworthy. Previously, Dr. Hunt pioneered technologies ranging from confidential cloud computing to light-weight container virtualization, type-safe operating systems, and video streaming. Dr. Hunt was a member of Microsoft's founding cloud computing team. Dr. Hunt holds over 100 patents, a B.S. degree in Physics from University of Utah and Ph.D. and M.S. degrees in Computer Science from the University of Rochester.