TUESDAY June 03, 9:00am - 10:00am | Ballroom 102
Dual Keynote: Delivering Smart Automobiles Through Electronics and Software

Jim Tung - MathWorks, Inc., Natick, MA
James Buczkowski - Ford Motor Co., Detroit, MI
Jim Tung - MathWorks Fellow - MathWorks, Inc.
James Buczkowski - Henry Ford Technical Fellow & Director, EE System - Ford Motor Company

Will the future generations of automobiles be completely autonomous? Possibly. Will they be substantially more automated? Absolutely. This immense increase in automobile automation will span many dimensions – including safety, connectivity, and infotainment. Many technologies will need to come together across the automotive supply chain for this vision to become a reality.

Jim Tung of MathWorks and Jim Buczkowski of Ford Motor Company will explore the key trends that are shaping the future of automobiles. They will examine what it will take to design the electronics that will power the automation from complementary viewpoints – the vision and needs of an automobile manufacturer; and the future of electronic design automation tools and technologies that will enable these innovations.

Semiconductor and electronics technologies will continue to push the limits of hardware and software co-design and integration of sensors, mathematics, and algorithms. Safety, communication, navigation, and entertainment applications onboard the next generation automobiles will require taut integration with semiconductors, and design tools that enable streamlined design and verification of hardware and software implementations.
Biography: Jim Tung, MathWorks Fellow - MathWorks, Inc. Jim Tung is a 25-year veteran of MathWorks, holding the positions of vice president of marketing and vice president of business development before assuming his current role as MathWorks Fellow, focusing on business and technology strategy and analysis.

Jim has collaborated with engineering and management teams in many Tier-1 automotive OEMs and suppliers worldwide to help them adopt Model-Based Design in their engineering processes. He regularly presents plenary and keynote talks at automotive and electronics conferences worldwide focusing on innovation, and modeling, design, and verification methodologies.

Jim previously held marketing and sales management positions at Lotus Development and Keithley DAS, a pioneering manufacturer of PC-based data acquisition systems. Jim holds a bachelor's degree from Harvard University.

Biography: James Buczkowski, Henry Ford Technical Fellow - Ford Motor Company Jim Buczkowski is a Henry Ford Technical Fellow and Director, Electrical and Electronics Systems Research and Innovation. He is responsible for the research and design of electrical and electronic systems including in-car information and entertainment, telematics, driver information, and active safety systems for Ford vehicles globally.

Buczkowski has been with Ford for 33 years and has experience in electronics design, electronics manufacturing (including manufacturing assignments in Spain as well as the United States), Product Development quality, and manufacturing and supply chain information technology. He’s been involved or led key projects including Ford SYNC and MyFord Touch connectivity systems, Ford’s Common Global Electrical architecture and early in his career, Ford’s first 16 and 32 bit powertrain controls electronic designs.

He holds a bachelor’s degree in computer engineering and a master’s degree in electrical engineering, both from the University of Michigan.