SUNDAY July 19, 9:00am - 2:30pm
Workshop 5: DAQ 2020 (Design Automation for Quantum)
Rasit Topaloglu - IBM Corp., Hopewell Junction, NY

We have come a long way in building quantum computers. Today top companies host quantum computers with more than 50 qubits and the path is set to sail forward.
But wait a moment, where is EDA in all of this? EDA, the indisputably fundamental component of designing modern semiconductor chips. Is EDA being utilized to design the next quantum computer? Or if not when is this call coming?
This workshop targets to cover the basics and scale from there. It aims to entertain both the novice and the expert. It explores recently solved and open problems. It even discusses the supremacy topic from afar. One thing is for sure: this workshop is exciting!

Highlights from the program:
• John Martinis, University of California Santa Barbara, Keynote Talk, “Quantum supremacy in a programmable superconducting processor”
• Massoud Pedram, University of Southern California, “ColdFlux: A CAD flow and open-source tool suite for superconducting single flux quantum logic circuits.”
• Panel - Did EDA help achieve quantum supremacy? (Panelists: Igor Markov / Facebook and Robert Will / Johannes Kepler University)
• Other great talks including from Tsung-Yi Ho, National Tsing Hua University, Jared Hertzberg, IBM, Swaroop Ghosh, Penn State University, Lukasz Cincio, Los Alamos National Labs.
This workshop is chaired by Rasit Topaloglu, Ph.D. ( To register for FREE and for more information, please visit