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If you are an author, speaker, correspondent, panelist, or chair you may enter your first name or full name (e.g.Sam Smith) here to search for specific information about your paper:

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Please be mindful of the DEADLINES in MAY and JUNE for the Proceedings and slide submission.

If you are an author, speaker or presenter of an accepted paper, CONGRATULATIONS! Your paper was one of only 148 papers accepted out of 607 papers submitted.

We are providing you with extensive help to prepare your presentation via a website with many hints, tips and tricks. Please use the information here to prepare the best presentation possible.

Please read the instructions on these pages carefully before preparing your presentation in order to be aware of all the regulations and due dates required by DAC.

Much of the information found on DACPrep pages was contributed by Carla Otten, DAC Presentation Consultant.

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