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CONVENED MONDAY, June 02, 2014, 9:30 AM - 10:00 AM
KEYNOTE: The Great SoC Challenge (IP to the Rescue!)

Speaker: Hossein Yassaie - CEO - Imagination Technologies Ltd.

The system-on-chip (SoC) has revolutionized the semiconductor and electronics industries, providing ever-more compact designs that incorporate increasingly large amounts of functionality and performance. This integration, together with process technology scaling, has led to mass availability of affordable, low-power mobile and consumer products.

As the number of discrete IP blocks on a typical SoC continues to escalate, and as the complexity of each of those blocks is also on the rise, SoC developers are challenged to meet not only integration demands but also tight schedules, power and thermal constraints, aggressive cost targets, support for a dizzying array of standards and more. This is compounded by an insatiable consumer appetite for always-on global connectivity, long battery life and of course access to the latest technologies, such as ultra-high definition video and photorealistic graphics.

Silicon IP providers have stepped in to ensure continued innovation by providing high-performance, low-power technologies that help SoC companies meet their design requirements in this ever-more complex environment. IP will play an increasingly vital role going forward. By offering a comprehensive IP portfolio and market driven platforms across CPU, graphics, video and vision technologies, IP providers will help companies overcome their design challenges and address a growing number of exciting new applications and market opportunities.
Biography: After attaining his Ph.D, Hossein was a research fellow at the University of Birmingham. Prior to joining Imagination Technologies in February 1992, he was with STMicroelectronics and Inmos for eight years, where he set up and managed the DSP and digital video developments. Ultimately he became responsible for the system divisions, including research and development, manufacturing and marketing. Hossein joined Imagination Technologies in 1992 as CTO, joined the Board in 1995, and became CEO in 1998. He was knighted in the 2013 New Years Honours List for services to technology and innovation.

Speaker: Hossein Yassaie - Imagination Technologies Ltd., Kings Langley, United Kingdom